You guys are just like the real thing!  HELL, you're better than the real thing!  CRÜEligans Rock!

Rob Jenson- Seattle, Wa

We may not have the Crue anymore, but thank God we've got CRÜEligans!

Scott Willard - Denton, Tx

Amazing job, guys.  WOW!  Come to Finland!

Pete T. -  Rauma, Finland

You guys are the most AMAZING Motley Crue tribute I've ever seen!


Phil H - Ft. Worth, Tx 

I couldn't wait to see this band.  Friends of mine saw them in Oklahoma City and told my husband they were just like the Crue.  I've been a fan since '83 so I had to see for myself.  CRÜEligans did not disappoint!  They are the best tribute band I've ever seen!

Kimberly North - Waco, Tx

Holy Fu***** Sh**!!!! 
Coming from a 'Rock n Roll' tribute band critic....This band will take you back to the days where Vince and the boys ruled the 80s!!!!!
I'm not easy to impress...
And I am impressed!!!!!!

Melissa Wilson - McAlester, Ok

Motley Crue may not be touring anymore, but CRÜEligans are and if you're a Crue fan, you need to check these guys out.  Kick ass show every time I see them!

Emilio Soto - Dallas, Tx

A very professional, talented group of musicians. If you have not seen CRÜEligans play, you are definitely missing out. Pretty damn close to the original members of Nikki Sixx, Mick Mars, Vince Neil & Tommy Lee. It's like an event back in 1981. The energy that comes with each show is absolutely amazing. Raw talent! The music is 'Rock and Roll' at its finest! Hands down a brilliant group! Go see them LIVE!

Jess Garcia - Talent Buyer - Lubbock, Tx

The visual look and feel of Motley Crue, these guys know how to party and energize ANY crowd

Jason McDermott - Owner Hat Tricks - Lewisville, Tx

CRÜEligans: A Tribüte to Mötley Crüe

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